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MacCready Drabble by Musapan
MacCready Drabble
more Fallout 4 sketches, because I can

Sebastian started a romance with MacCready, and I really can't handle how cute MacCready is.  I have a head-canon that MacCready is vulnerable to bouts of the giggles, and Seb knows exactly how to make him lose it. A good face-smooshing always does the trick, along with uncomfortably close proclamations of attraction.

Bonus Cait because dAMN girl I am NOT always staring at your arse, please stop accusing me! Seb is a faithful man now, I'll have you know. How could he not be, with MacCready by his side? (I suppose he still flirts with Hancock but... still)
Surprise Visit
Warning: Trespasser spoilers! Sort of? >_>;

My Inquisitor became a Jenny, so I'm guessing he and Sera live in Kirkwall together in Luciano's estate. (Given to him by Varrick, of course.) When Bull is between jobs he stops by, and I imagine he's notoriously bad at letting Sera know.

Sera, go be with your Widdle and forget everything you saw today. T__T
Fallout 4 by Musapan
Fallout 4
Some Fallout 4 art. I can't believe I pulled myself away long enough to sketch.

My Sole Survivor Sebastian is absolute trash. My dumb, stupid Flynn Ryder-y trash son. I wanted to draw up some expressions for him. He’s so dumb.
He’s hopelessly smitten with Nick Valentine, mostly in a ‘I can’t believe I’m friends with I know a robot gumshoe’ kind of way, and shamelessly flirts with him pretty much 24/7. (Actually he flirts with everyone constantly.) How Nick puts up with it is beyond me.

More Fallout stuff: [x]
Inquisitor Lavellan Romance Card (Iron Bull) by Musapan
Inquisitor Lavellan Romance Card (Iron Bull)
The Inquisitor deserves to have tarot cards too D:<

My dalish Inquisitor Luciano Lavellan. I loveeee himmmmm. /cries

I tried to compliment Bull's romance card but I'm not sure if I managed it... I also wanted to make it almost look like he was praying, with white lilies behind him to symbolize purity and pure love, contrary to the sex/bondage theme that's going on, hu hu hu. I might make a default card for him too, based on The Magician card.

(Should I tag this for mature content?? I didn't think so but just how sensitive are you ppl)
I have an idea! by Musapan
I have an idea!
A commission for Antmander, her lovely OC :3

The starry bra was a lot of fun hu hu hu (I would have opted for a 'cool starry bra' joke here but I couldn't bring myself to stoop so low.)
I'm sure glad I'm getting all this drawing out of my system now, because we finally purchased a PS4, (The Uncharted bundle) I'm getting Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition next week and in exactly one month Fallout 4 comes out. So basically, for the next few months I'm going to be existing in my living room becoming one with my couch and forgetting to eat or hydrate. Farewell unfinished fanfics and various adult responsibilities.

Anyone else hype for Fallout 4? Because holy shit I am beginning to freak out. I haven't even decided if I want to be a guy or girl yet. I assumed I'd be a dude since whenever I have the choice I'm usually a guy 98% of the time in games, but I dunno maybe I should vary it up a bit? wHO KNOWS /unholy screeching
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I like lots of things. Many things. So many things. I post lots of different art of a lot of different things. It's never the same stuff. Ever. Always different. So many fandoms. Wow.

I'm much more active on Tumblr, so drop by and say hey.

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