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good looord. pg 7 of 'but somebody came' is taking me forever and a day to finish. My apologizes on the wait! DX
Kingdom Anniversary by Musapan
Kingdom Anniversary
Happy 10-year Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Justin. I just had the most amazing day with you, and I'm so glad we've been together for so long! <3 <3

This *might* be the nerdiest thing I've ever drawn: My hubs and I as keyblade wielders! :3 the Kingdom Hearts series means a lot to the both of us, and video games in general are a big part of our lives and a big part of our initial friendship way back when. I'm pretty pleased with the final design of our keyblades, but if I ever draw them again I might make some changes. 
Love in Gaming by Musapan
Love in Gaming
I played a lot of RPGs in 2015 it seems.

Commander Fio Shepard and Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect, The Iron Bull and Luciano Lavellan from Dragon Age: Inquisition, Argis the Bulwark and Kole from Skyrim, Sebastian Hibberford (Sole Survivor) and Robert Joseph MacCready from Fallout 4, and Zevran Arainai and Elio Cousland from Dragon Age: Origins. (I used a mod for Zevran, I know he doesn't look anything like vanilla Zev)

I've been dreading the day I would inevidably have to draw Garrus, the magnificent bastard. It was just as irksome as I thought it would be. Good lord he's got so maNY FACE PARTS. And the visor, ughhhhh. NEVER AGAIN. I thought Bull was going to be trouble but he was nothing compared to the dashing turian.
MacCready came out looking a bit like RDJ. I regret nothing.

Anyhoozles, Happy Valentines Day everyone! But even better than that, happy gaming!
R.I.P. David Bowie.

I've never been a huge fan of Bowie in terms of listening to his music or following his career, but Jareth the Goblin King and Labyrinth have been such a massive part of my childhood/adulthood that his death has left me feeling a little hollow. To say that Labyrinth had an impact on me would be an understatement. My love of Labyrinth predates even Peter Pan, and as strange as this is to admit, Bowie's sparkling, hauntingly villainous character has served as a comfort to me for years. Thank you, David, for bringing such an interesting character to life for all of us to enjoy. Thank you for your music, your work, your presence, and your impact on this world.

I hope you're out there among the stars, like you always wanted.
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I like lots of things. Many things. So many things. I post lots of different art of a lot of different things. It's never the same stuff. Ever. Always different. So many fandoms. Wow.

I'm much more active on Tumblr, so drop by and say hey.

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