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Reunion by Musapan
Robert unexpectedly meets some of Ying's beloved family.

Well shit. The quality is going up. I can never keep anything simple.

I was going to wait to introduce Meili but I couldn't. (There are quite a few characters I'm excited to introduce, actually) Robert will get to meet 'Uncle Jin' next.

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Confession by Musapan
and on this day, Robert discovered that Ying is an unromantic piece of shit. Oh well. You can't always choose who you love.

My. Tattoo and Mr. black shirt have names! Robert Paulson and Ying Fairburn, respectively. I have a short series about them planned, (and other characters too) and they may or may not all be posted chronologically. This one takes place after Robert gets out of the hospital, and the two of them have been working together for a few weeks. Ying still has his father's will and they're attempting to get a hold of a lawyer they can actually trust.

I don't have a name for this story yet, but I'm currently trying to think one up. I suck at naming things.

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Crime Boyfriends by Musapan
Crime Boyfriends
I thought up a story last night of a hit-man and an heir to a hugely successful business. Neither of them have names yet, but I have a little bit of story so far.

The hit-man (Mr. Tattoo) was hired to kill the heir (Mr. black shirt) after the company fell to him after his father's death, posing as his bodyguard. There was some dispute over who was to inherit the company, the CEO's son or his business partner. Mr. Tattoo's job was to pose as a bodyguard until securing the CEO's will - which names Mr. black shirt as the rightful heir - and then kill him and bring the will to the CEO's old business partner.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, Mr. Tattoo keeps Mr. black shirt safe from attempted hits (which are all staged in order to ensure Mr. black shirt keeps Mr. Tattoo close at all times) and of course, he starts falling for him. When the moment arrives and Mr. black shirt makes plans to leave the country and reveals his father's will, Mr. Tattoo realizes he can't kill him. Just as he goes to tell him that there are men surrounding the building and suggest they escape, Mr. black shirt surprises him by producing a handgun and shooting him in the stomach. Mr. black shirt explains that he's known all along that Mr. Tattoo was hired to kill him, and he intended to use him until the last moment in order to disappear without a trace. As Mr. black shirt goes to leave, Mr. Tattoo calls out to him, warning him that the building is surrounded. Mr. black shirt doesn't believe him until he looks out the window and sees the strategically placed men on the street.

Mr. Tattoo loses consciousness. When he wakes up, he's in a hospital, and Mr. black shirt is reading a book by his bed. Mr. black shirt had called for a helicopter and dragged Mr. Tattoo's unconscious body to the roof via the fire escape. They got away, and he admitted Mr. Tattoo to the hospital under a false name. Mr. Tattoo asks why in the world he would do all of that, and Mr. black shirt simply says they're 'even now'. Regardless, Mr. black shirt visits as often as he's able, and finally asks Mr. Tattoo to work for him exclusively, both as his bodyguard and personal hit-man. Mr. Tattoo agrees, and as soon as he's discharged, he enthusiastically begins his new job.

As far as I can figure, the two of them work together to put an end to his father's business partner, who continues to try and kill Mr. black shirt even after the will is revealed and Mr. black shirt takes over the company with his sister. The two of them fall in love hard and fast and basically live out their days as business partners/lovers/crime lords. Something like that. Gay sex. Yep.

I really like these two and I might draw more stuff concerning them. Possibly short comics? I have no idea. They still need names, too! Mr. black shirt will have a Chinese name, because he was born there (he's Chinese-American) and I'm thinking maybe Drew or Robert for Mr. Tattoo? Who knows!
Inspiration by Musapan
This happened because of a conversation I had with Ska about my 'inspiration'. I ended up humanizing it and he became a coffee-obsessed work-a-holic who, despite his job to keep my inspiration in check, is 100% business and hates anything silly. I think about him a lot now.
Tales of the Aphrodite - Commission by Musapan
Tales of the Aphrodite - Commission
Two-piece commission for :iconska-chan-punk-san: of our story, Tales of the Aphrodite. We started it in 2008 and it's been an important part of our lives ever since.

This was very fun to do, but I may or may not have taken insufficent breaks when working on it and I may or may not have fucked up my hand.

On the left are the main characters from Siegfried's ship; (top to bottom, left to right) Siegfried, Tabitha, Jeanette, Gabriel, Nathan and Elise. On the right, Lucien's crew; Alasdair, Lucien, Lawrence, Luis, Azrael and Victoria.

30+ hours in SAI.

Lucien, Luis, Lawrence, Jeanette, Azrael and Tabitha belong to :iconska-chan-punk-san:
Alasdair, Elise, Siegfried, Gabriel, Nathan and Victoria belong to me.
Okay people I'm hard up for money and so I'm opening commissions again! I had set prices once upon a time, but I don't remember what they are and I can't be bothered to seek them out. I'm pretty flexible, so prices will be based on the amount of work involved. Sketches are cheap, anywhere from $5-$10 depending. Full-color are going to be more, backgrounds are also additional. USD/Paypal only.

I don't really have anything I won't draw, from ponies to anime to realism, it's all good.

If you're interested, either comment below or send me a message! (I prefer messages, it's easier to keep track of you!)

Status: OPEN


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I like lots of things. Many things. So many things. I post lots of different art of a lot of different things. It's never the same stuff. Ever. Always different. So many fandoms. Wow.

I'm much more active on Tumblr, so drop by and say hey.

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